11 Best Website to Hire Web Developer

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In today’s time, having a digital identity is necessary for any business who is thriving on the internet.

According to Google, around 27% of people on the web are purchasing things from the company’s website and this number will increase by 46% in 2022.

So for that, we all need an excellent website which shows and personalized our company and top of that, will help to create a brand image among our visitors.

You can check the website of APPLE and see that how they personalized their brand. I know that Apple is a very well-known company.
Still, you can take inspiration from them.

I know that there are many resources which can setup your website in 5 mins but I have pretty much reasons “why you need a web developer”:-

  1. Time saver.
  2. You need someone to help you in a technical glitch.
  3. An upfront person to maintain your website.

But…But. The problem is “Where will I get a good web developer ?”

Guide to Choose a Web developer to Hire

Look, I know that having a web developer is not only meant for creating a website but

  1. Updating the current website into the modern interface,
  2. Testing new prototypes from wire-frames & designs,
  3. Build digital products from HTML/CSS/JS,
  4. Deploying the application in a cross-platform environment.
  5. Keep updated on technology.

Now, the point is……Qualities and types of good developers.

First, you have to understand the difference between a web designer and a web developer.

Web Designer

It is someone who designs the interface or looks of the website and is involved in creative aspects like images, icons, and color schemes. They have expertise in photoshop and illustrator. They don’t create the site but reflect how it will look like.

Web Developer

They are the ones who write the code. They have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (if these names look like monsters to you, they are just computer languages.) They even do code editing and development of tools.

There are 3 types of Web developers

  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • Full Stack Developers

Front end developer decides the look of the whole website, Back-end developer decides to work on the whole websites, and Full-stack developers take care of front-end and back-end developers’ work. (sometimes, it’s better to hire one talent and expert rather than 2 or 3 people if your budget is low. Yeah…..startups, I am talking about you.)

Now, you have the idea of the need for a web developer in the company and which types of it are available in that domain.

So, we will look forward to a list of sites where you will get these developers (all these developers can work either on an hourly rate or fixed rate).

Quick Review to the Website’s List Where you can Hire a Web Developer

  1. Codeable
  2. Toptal
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Hired
  5. Freelancer
  6. Github Jobs
  7. Shopify Experts
  8. Upwork
  9. People Per Hour
  10. Guru
  11. Fiverr
  12. Authentic Jobs (Bonus)


Codeable is the only platform for WordPress freelancers. It is the Whole hub of World-class experts for short term, recurring, and full-time WordPress work. Outsourcing your some of the tasks and services only for your wordpress websites.

They have reliable and pre-vetted developers to complete work and remove your hassle. In fact, they are one of the fastest and convenient platforms for all business owners.

Now, you will have the most secure benefits and that is wordpress tools which will make it easy for you to choose according to your requirements.


  • They have strong customer support during and after the projects.
  • They have an extensive 28 days warranty to fix issues of your post-launch bug fixing.


  • It has a secure payment platform to cancel the pay if you don’t like the projects.
  • You will get full project management tools from wordpress.


  • You Can’t use search Features to find freelancers with specific skills.
  • You have to post jobs and wait until developers reply.


  • $70-$120 hourly rate and variable according to freelancers.


Toptal is a fully elite network of the best freelance talent. At the start, the platform was created with the vision of a talented tech savvy marketplace.

But with the time, they have expanded in the domain of talents pools which includes software developers, financial experts and web designers.

If you want your web development job to be done in an exceptional way, then choosing Toptal as an option would be your best decision.


  • Toptal is the pool of excellent and talented developers and designers which provides their elite developers for their startups and companies based in Silicon valley, New York City, London, Japan and many more.
  • According to them, Their Trademark system allows only 3% of the total applicants which becomes a part of their community through their technical tests and comprehensive vetting process.


  • You can find any best freelancers with your own choice with specific skills sets.
  • They have standardized tests to confirm the technical skills of talented freelancers.


  • You will not get proper management tools which makes it hard to track the progress.
  • They provide their services to large organizations.


  • Initial deposit of $500 once company hires talent. Ranges from $60 per hour to $6400 per week.


Linkedin is the very well known and pophular social network of professional people. So, is it possible to find the developers with good technical knowledge.

Yes, It is easy and simple to find any type of developer according to your needs and goals. They have a tool called “pro-finder” which has 5 level of checks where you have to fill your requirements like goals, designs, time, etc.

You can even post your jobs where you have a chance to choose your candidates and you will get to know about their projects and their efficiency level. The space is quite a professional with good recommendations from top professionals.


  • It is a largest platform of 660+ million professionals with their wide experience.
  • They have a premium program which helps you to find perfect candidates with deep filters.


  • Access of freelancers all over the world.
  • you can find freelancers with very specific skills


  • No standardized test to choose someone


  • Free trails
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Plan :- $8999 per year for 150 InMails per month.
  • LinkedIn recruiter Lite Plan :- $2399 per year for 30 InMails per month.


I think the best freelancer websites provide only particular web developers to you for your precious time. Hired is one of the websites that helps you to find web developers, designers and software developers in no time through their customized software which matches your freelancers with your requirements.

They have their pipelines for the custom matches. You can have your company profile ready and can search the candidates using their search algorithm ( unbiased algorithm to keep the platform from inequality like gender and race) and have interviews with them.


  • It would be great if you find specialized developers looking for new opportunities.
  • Most of their developers have at-least 2 years of experience.


  • Custom matching search algorithm software
  • Ask for the interview to check yourself for their capabilities.


  • Can cost too much and might go against your budget.
  • It has an auction. So, you might not get your desired candidate.

Price :-

  • Free demo for a Job
  • Contact directly on Hired


It is the World’s largest crowd-sourcing marketplace of freelancing with the total of 42+ million employers and freelancers globally. 30 million total posted jobs and completion of hundreds of thousands projects.

With the existence of such a large crowded marketplace, searching for the perfect candidate is like finding sugar cubes in a heap of rice.

Website development is one of the top rated job categories here. So, you still can find the good candidates through their filters, have the interview and even pay them.


  • It is one of the affordable options if you have a tight budget.
  • It has the best filter and matching software.


  • You will have security for your payment according to their work.
  • Past customers reviews and candidates rating.


  • You can’t test on the basis of standardized ways.
  • It would be difficult to gain availability of good freelancers.


  • 3% of total projects cost.
  • No refund on Contest price.

Github Jobs

If you want to be in a niche based domain for jobs, Github jobs is one of the best places for searching the best developers. If you are not aware of Github, it is the most popular software company that provides hosting for software development version control using Git.

It attracts millions of independent developers and tech based companies. This developer community can save your time by clearing your problems.


  • They have too many qualified web developers to resolve your issues.
  • It is a question-answer platform for web developers. So, you can hold the contests to check your eligible candidates on your own.


  • A particular search algorithm to meet your eligibility.
  • Perfect platform for standard softwares to eliminate your hassle.


  • You will not get standard web developers.
  • It is very time-consuming to post jobs and wait for their response.


  • For single Job posting :- $450

Shopify Experts

In my view, Shopify is the biggest e-commerce hosted builders on the internet. Basically, they provide a simple process where you can create your own online e-commerce store without worrying about the hassles of technical aspects.

Primarily, they have an ecosystem of experts where they help you to build your online store. I know that many people can build their stores. But with the help of experts, you would not need to indulge yourself in a creative phase and can get additional help.


  • They will help you to optimize your store and will integrate growth hacking tools.
  • You will help standard quality and SEO optimization.


  • You will get customer reviews and freelancer ratings.
  • You have access to worldwide freelancers.


  • No secure platform.
  • Lack of standard freelancers.


  • On an Average, it could cost around $500.
  • For small stores with limited features, you can pay $5-$10 per hour or $100-$250 for the whole project.


Upwork has 12+ million freelancers and 6+ million clients with 3 million jobs posted yearly. So, you can say that it is a massive freelancing portal after Freelancer.

Employers can find their desired profiles as it offers a whole bunch of pleasant features like visiting the profiles, checking work history and experience,past reviews and collaboration with others.

Their working system is too easy to use. You will take less time to locate some useful functions to find your active projects, fund accounts and transfer payments. You can use this platform from shorts to larger projects. You might be a long-term freelancer for your primary software projects.


  • You will get discussion history with freelancers to find your documents to avoid searching Emails.
  • It has a time tracking tool and an automatic screenshot taking system of the computer monitor of your assigned freelancer so that you will have visual tracking of their work.


  • You can release payments automatically after completing particular milestones.
  • They have standard tools to check the freelancers skill sets.


  • It might be costly hiring for better freelancers or vice-versa.


There are three types of pricing like Basic, Plus and Business.


Free ( 3% processing fees on all payments)

  1. Verified Freelancer work history and reviews
  2. Easy and safe payments
  3. Collaboration and customer support
  4. Payment protection and transaction details
  5. 3 freelancer invitation per listing

$49.99/ month ( 3% processing fee on all payments)

  1. Same as Basic Plan
  2. Assistance on Sourcing of talents
  3. Management of your Accounts and Team reporting
  4. 15 freelancer invitation per listing
  5. Featured Jobs

$849/ month ( 3% processing fee and 10% service fee on all payments)

  1. Same as Plus Plan
  2. Unlimited freelancer invitation for all listings
  3. Advanced posting of jobs
  4. Invoicing and billing
  5. Premium Customer Care.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another big freelancing marketplace like Freelancer and Upwork. It has a total community of 2.3+ millions freelancers and 935k+ businesses.

I think the best part of People Per Hour is that they held contests where you will have a chance to check abilities of your required freelancers and also allows freelancers to post their own jobs called hourlies.

You will get various proposals from talented freelancers about their skills and capabilities of solving the burning problems of yours. You will hear thousands of success stories from entrepreneurs about their work.

Their customer is one of the plus points to help with payment systems that are risk-free from both sides. They even solve your collaboration issues with ease.


  • You have ease of posting jobs, can contact them and they will charge per hour to make your work easy if you have limited time and a tight budget.
  • You can even contact local freelancers to avoid your reliability of remote talents.


  • Contest allows you to find your freelancers on your own terms and conditions.
  • Their Anti-fraud protection system monitors 24/7 to check any illegal activity which could risk your funds and you might face fraud from freelancers.


  • You can’t test freelancers individually.
  • You cannot search the freelancer according to your requirement and might get less worthy work done.


  • Transactional fees :- 3.5% for processing fees and extra 15% service fees for above $256.
  • 5% fees on Signup.


Have you heard about Guru earlier? Then, you should check it though. It will not look like a bigger marketplace but have a massive profile of 1.5 million of gurus working worldwide for 800k employers.

Guru’s global network of freelancers looks smaller against big giants like Upwork and Freelancer.

They have around 511k programming and web development professionals with years of experience that will help you to sail your boat.

They are not fully focused only on developers but what made them precious is their security and commitments to deliver your work in a provided time.


  • You can interview as many freelancers as you want in a limited time.
  • They have provided the facility of vetting which helps let you recognize their skills.


  • You can hire any talent and pay them with a secure payment system.
  • Highly professionals with industry experience you will find.


  • You have to search anyone yourself individually.
  • They might uplift prices according to the projects.


  • 2.9% handling fee of total projects ( very lowest )
  • 100% cashback on handling fee for eCheck or wire transfer as payment mode.


Fiverr is a whole new trip to explore different kinds of websites for hiring freelancers.

Most of the time you have to search the freelancers or post the jobs to attract the applicants and wait till someone’s response. Then, go through their profiles to find out their expertise and experience. It is a very tiring process. But Fiverr has totally reversed or flipped the process of hiring.

So, Fiverr has a total of 21 million freelancers with 14 million employees. Here, you have to login as an employer and you will have a whole bunch of freelancers posting their services and jobs with their rates and true reviews.

You will get their whole work portfolio within minutes, the time they will take for completion of the project and know the price upfront. So in that manner, you have to pay the fixed price that is asked by freelancers and not the per hour fees.


  • Fiverr is affordable, trustworthy and transparent.
  • You will get VIP customer support, quick response time on your problem.


  • Good freelancers with affordable prices.
  • Full security and guarantee on payment options


  • Shortage of standardized tests to confirm the ability of selected freelancers.


Here, freelancers have to post jobs. So, it ranges from $5 to $995 per job.
For Employers or buyers :-

  1. purchase of upto $20 service = $1
  2. Purchase of more than $20 service = 5% of total orders

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a leading Job platform for Creative web designer and web developer. It has gained popularity and is rising day by day since their existence. The New York Times has used this board for their Acquisition process.

If you saw their portfolio, they have big giants clients like Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Tesla, etc. So, you have an idea of their potential to bring out your projects.

Primarily, in the front-end development(look of your website) often required UI/UX designer’s creativity and technical awareness. Authentic Jobs is that place you will find your website attractive and can begin your search.

Their majority popular job listings are in the league of Front-end, web development and mobile development. Of course, you will find similar candidates to bring out your needs.


  • You will not be limited to remote or local freelancers but international certified freelancers.
  • You will get full time, contract based or short term freelancers in your job position.


  • It is one of the authentic or secure Job listing platforms with reliable professionals.
  • You will find professionals with specification in their mentioned field.


  • It would cost you around $100-$400 price for listing.
  • It could be time consuming for short term projects.


  • $300 for a job post during 30 days.
  • You will get
  1. 10% off on 2 listings.
  2. 15% off on 3-4 listings
  3. 20% off on 5 or more listings

Some Other tips

● There are so many websites you will find above. It will take too much time of yours. Here, consider some points while choosing any Websites.

For Individual (Blogger)
  1. If you are only an individual working or need help for your own company’s projects.
  2. You should consider these websites which works on commission basis like Codeable, Freelancers, Upwork Basic Plan, Guru, People Per Hour and Fiverr
For Smaller Organization or Early Startups ( 3-20 employees)
  1. If you are working in a small team with a tight budget and you don’t need any developers on a daily basis, having reliable and promising options becomes a necessity.
  2. Here are some options like Github Jobs,Freelancers, Upwork Plus Plan, Guru, Codeable and People Per Hour.
For large Organizations or funded Startups
  1. I know what you are thinking. But this time, I will only say that you really need a new full-time and permanent employee.
  2. You should visit sites like Toptal, Hired, LinkedIn, Github Jobs, Shopify Experts, Upwork Business Plan and Authentic Jobs.

2nd tip is that you should include necessary information to guide your freelancer about your product expectation or how it would look like.

Summary of project and Introduction
  1. Here, you have to talk about yourself, company name and types, your industry and what you are dealing with.
  2. Types of designs, attributes and fully implementation.
Necessary assets
  1. If you have particular color schemes, logo design, design patterns, copy(subject), blog files, total pages to include, about sections and any other guidelines which eventually help them during development.
Product Visuals
  1. you can provide how your website should look or any referring sites to make their work easy.
  2. You can even provide a visual presentation like a sketch of your site on the paper or photoshop images.
  3. You can even tell them to include your desired plugins for automation.

Hire At Low Cost

Now, if you have read up to here, then I have something important and valuable for you. You might have questions like that it will take a few hours for your work to be done.

So, why will you spend money for days.
See, it will depend on the types of projects you have. There are 2 types of payment types like Hourly rate and fixed rate. Here, some combos we have for you.

  1. Small project with experienced developer, pay Hourly basis.

They will make fewer mistakes and faster in their work. This combination will work in an Urgent case. It will save your time. Cheapest Option.

  1. Smaller projects with Inexperienced one, Fixed Rate is eligible.

Small projects without urgency can be done by inexperienced developers. They will take, make huge mistakes and need corrections. Fixed rate can help you with your budget.

  1. Large projects (3 weeks to months) with experienced one, Fixed Price will help.

Large projects take time. It needs creativity, understanding, and revisions which leads us to error in designs, corrupted programs and lots of effort. So, always try to quote a fixed price.

These are the normal prices of any developers in the market :-

  • Graphics Designer :- $20-$105/h
  • Developer :- $10-$170+/h
  • Back-end Developer :- $30-$170+/h
  • Full Stack Developer :- $70-$200+/h
  • Entire Website :- $1500-$20,000+
  • Custom plugins, features and code issue :- $50-$1000

Hire Without Fraud

There would be some instances where some fraudster will come along your way. It is not easy to find any fraud in this digital age. Everyone is behind the IP addresses. Here, try these tips that will help you to go through all these traumas.

  1. If you are a small company or working individually, always use recommended sites for the protection of your funds and work. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Fiverr and Codeable take care of all your needs. It will cost you less in terms of money and time.
  2. On most of the platforms, you will find some false reviews. So, how to deal with all of these. Always ask for an interview.
  3. You can interrogate their knowledge and experience by asking some technical questions. You can check their level of expertise and communication skills.
  4. Ask for their previous projects. Genuine professionals always show their previous work. I know that they can take the works from others. But you can ask related questions to their projects.
  5. Time frame is necessary for any project. Tell them your desired time frame and be ready for exceeding time.(if they quote 1 week, expect 2 week so that you can resolve error or required changes )
  6. Last but not least, negotiate with them by quoting your desired budget.

Final Words


This is too deep knowledge for you. If you followed us through this article, You are fully informed and ready for decision making.

But frankly speaking, I love writing this piece of information. all i want to solve your problems and issues.

I have curated all these sites myself so that you will find every solution regarding the hiring of your desired developers.

Try all the above steps one by one and you will get yourself figuring about search of web developers

I hope that I am able to solve all your doubts and minimal queries through this piece of articles.

If you still have any, yeah I mean any single,minimal and little doubts. We have a COMMENT section for you.

There you can write your precious word. So that you can make your life very very easy.

If you really really find me helpful and informative. Plzzzzz….. SHARE this with your friend.
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